How Conflicts Affect Others

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How Conflicts Affect Others “Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” said by Ambrose. There has not been anyone person who has not dealt with a conflict at one point in their life. I know I have dealt with a couple conflicts in my life and there is one in particular that I can remember and will always try to avoid. In this paper I will briefly explain a conflict I experienced and talk about what conflict and peace is and also go over what foul rules were broken in the conflict I went through. Let’s get started and see how the conflict cam about. To begin with, we were friends from 6th grade till 8th grade, we did everything together. We cheered on the same team and were at each others house almost every weekend. During my 8th grade year I had just gotten in a relationship with this boy I had a crush on, well we had been dating for about two weeks when I left on a cruise with my family over Thanksgiving. When I returned home a week later I found out that my supposed best friend was dating my supposed boyfriend. I felt so betrayed that I avoid her as much I could until one day I could not hold back. Let me tell you I went at her like a dog chasing a ball. We started to yell at each other and saying the rudest meanest things we could think of at the time, everyone that heard would have never thought we were such close friends before. After that day we did not speak for about a month and during the month of not talking we would spread rumors about one another to try and hurt the other person. Finally, we both came to our senses and just decided to talk and figure out how to make our friendship work again. That’s when she apologized for doing what she did and that she broke up with him because she thought our friendship was more important. Furthermore, conflict can best described as having a disagreement or controversy

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