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Dear, Self On October 8th, 1996 at a hospital located in Far East Rochester Stephen collie and Candice Bryant gave birth to me (Stephenie collie). Their first-born but I was soon put up for adoption. New York foster care programs were terrible. I remember not sleeping for days just wondering if they were coming back. The city that never sleeps will always live in me. I remember seeing nothing but taxicabs; all I heard was car horns and music from every street corner. The smell of hot dogs and gas filled the atmosphere. This is where I belonged. I love New York till this day but I hate the foster programs. The foster home sadly was my home till I was about 4 years old. The things I saw and the thing that was done to me was unbearable. When…show more content…
We use to call are selves the “Fantastic 5”. I use to visit them every vacation I had from school I love them they were and still are my boys. 2 of them got shot and the other two it feels like they disappeared from the face of the earth. One-day jour roads will meet at least I hope. Looking back I had a pretty good life filled with a lot of important events. The time I got my first cell phone was hands down the coolest event in my life. I felt like the best person in the 3rd grade. Everyone was so surprised to see me with it. It felt awesome. Another one is when I got my lip pierced without my dad’s permission that was important just for the reason I learned what happens when I disobey my father. He took away all my electronics and I couldn’t go anywhere for a month. Never will I do that again. That was the most trouble I ever got in next to the trouble I use to get into because of my…show more content…, Ms.Jenkins, and Ms.david etc they always wanted me in trouble. My first year there a teacher pushed me by my neck and made me trip which opened up the middle of my forehead now I have a permeate scar. In their classes they I just stayed quiet. In school all I did was my work I was never on a team. I dislike anything with a group because I don’t like sharing answers or helping people with work the teacher just explained. So I stay solo. They only time I wasn’t solo is when I had my first boyfriend. I look back on this memory and laugh. I was in the six grades and the coolest boy in school asks me out and of course my answer was yes. We went everywhere and did everything together. He took me on dates and after 9 months of going out he told me he loved me and I said it back with a huge smile on my face. Then he started changing and I had to let him go. I didn’t even know how to break up with a boy I sent my friend to do it. That was in six grade I have learned how to handle a relationship better. Lets just say my six grade romance wasn’t my last romance. Everybody’s past is filled with good times and bad. The key is to move on and forgive and forget. I have came a long way from being a browned skinned foster child from the Bronx to a beautiful young lady with her whole future ahead of her Like a wise man once told me “you can’t master your future if you’re still a slave to your

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