Change and Adversity Is Character Building

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CHANGE AND ADVERSITY IS CHARACTER BUILDING As humans we are currently used to move from one place to another, it is in our nature. The world changes, society changes, we change. Adversity and change builds our character. But what does “change” mean? Change is a modification of something, when we alter our routine for example. And character? It is the qualities of an individual: how we act, we think, we talk, we look, our whole being. All of us have a different level of sensitivity about what happens in our surrounding, but no one can be careless to everything. Events move us in all kind of ways. It may be things that happen to us, or to someone else, but we never stay the same, we change. Especially if it is a difficult moment, we call this adversity. Every one of us face adversity in a certain moment of our lives and in diverse ways. It changes our character. When I was nine years old, my father bought me as a gift for my birthday a puppy. It was a boxer and I named her Wanda. She played with me, we slept together, she took care of our house, and was by my side when I felt lonely and sad. I was an only child by then, so she was my partner always. As I grew, I stopped paying attention to Wanda, because I was too worried with school, friends and my two baby siblings, so she became more a nuisance than a loved pet. June of 2009 my father told me that my dog had cancer, and that she would not live more than six months. From that day on every free time I had, I was with her. Playing, caressing her, or just sitting by her side. But those six months went so fast; they were not enough to enjoy the time I wasted in other things while she was healthy. The only thing I did properly was saying goodbye, but that does not mean that her death hurt me less. I will never forget December 3th when my father called me during classes to inform me that Wanda had passed away. My

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