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French, February 15, 2011. French was always my least favorite class; I couldn’t understand what the teacher was saying so I never listened. Oh sure, I would try during test reviews, and when we had assignments I would complete them, but on a seemingly normal day, I would zone out. And today was one of those seemingly normal days. But then that awful text message came, and I fell in a daze. Lost, confused, shocked. One of my friends from my youth group at church, Jack Williams, had committed suicide. It was hard. He went to a different school, so none of my good friends knew him and acted like I was overreacting. I wandered from class to class, going through the motions but not really comprehending what was going on. It felt like a joke, like Jack wasn’t actually gone. I get home and there’s a plethora of Facebook statuses giving a tribute to their “Sunshine”, ironically, Jack’s nickname for his bright demeanor and shining happy smiles. This is when I realized, I wasn’t alone in this feeling of loss and sorrow. Others are grieving along with me. The next day, we had youth group on Wednesdays like we always did, but this week was different. Jack wasn’t there. The realization that he…show more content…
I don’t think anyone will. But what I do know is that he changed my life more than anyone else ever has. His suicide gave light to the saying, “You don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” He showed me how to appreciate everything I have in life, especially the people I had the chance to meet. Through his death, I grew close to some people who are now the people I can’t imagine going through life without. His death was a great tragedy, but also brought light. I’m so blessed to have known him while him lived, and I’ve learned to enjoy the life I have because not everyone has what I do. But I will always remember Jack as the sunny, humorous sixteen-year-old he

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