Best Man Speech

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Hey everyone, for those of you who don’t know me, I’m Zach Pennington and I’ve been given the privilege of being a part of this beautiful wedding and being Justin’s best man. Speaking of beauty, Valerie you looked absolutely stunning today and now we see why Justin had to go ahead and take you off the market. To keep this short and sweet, I’ve known Justin for almost ten years now. We met in Mrs. Craig’s class our seventh grade year and have been friends ever since. I can specifically remember my favorite part of middle school being our intramurals. It was a school wide basketball tournament at the end of the year we all looked forward too. You have to remember we were only ten or eleven years old and here comes coach Matthews strutting down the court in a full black suite with his orange tie, of course ,ruling the courts with an iron fist. He reminded me of a young Bobby Knight. Anyway, through school Justin and I as well as the rest of the groom’s men had almost every class together for four year, so we got to know each other pretty well. If you know Justin he’s one of the most calm and cool people you’ll ever meet, but one day it all changed. The day he met Valerie Justin’s calm and collective side began to get a little nervous………. I don’t know if Valerie even knows this but during the first probably six months of them dating, Justin used to text me before their dates and ask me what he should wear, during the date to tell me what was going on… we called that the play by play, and then after the date to recap the night. He even went so far as to meet up with all the groomsman and I before he proposed and showed us the ring to get our opinions….. If you’ve seen the ring we obviously liked it. He was so nervous about going out on the boat that night to propose. Like usual, that night he gave me the play by play on how their date was going and the next
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