Basketball Embarrassment Essay

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Embarrassment I am a magnet for embarrassment . After I made a stupid mistake in P.E., I was so embarrassed that I didn’t think I would ever go back to school. We play games as if our lives were on the line. Sometimes it takes days to get over a loss. Elementary school in P.E. was no exception... The basketball games were always so close. Red jerseys would take the lead and then the Yellow jerseys would score and tie it up. I was finally put into the game with minutes to go, the red jerseys were down by two. I was content on the bleachers but anxious to get out on the court; I didn’t want to make a fool of myself. Nonetheless, I joined the Red jerseys, determined to help them win. Within seconds I had intercepted a pass and started to sprint down the court dribbling with ease. I could hear my teammates screaming and yelling. Their cheers just made me run quicker. As I approached the net I made a hell of a shot and scored. I was elated jumping up and down, waiting for my teammates to run up and congratulate me. Yet, I couldn’t understand why the opposing team were just as excited as I was. For a second I thought, man they sure have good sportsmanship. Then I realized what I had done; it dawned on me, I had made the shot in the wrong team, winning for the Yellow jersey's! I was flooded with a mix of emotions ranging from ashamed to flustered. When I got home that night, my brother, asked me what I was moping around about. I didn’t want to tell him, but not wanting to keep it in, I blurted out the whole story, sharing every last excruciating detail. I waited for him to laugh and give me a hard time. Instead, he just smiled and said that it could have been a lot worse. “When I was in middle school, we were playing for the championship game. Same situation—the score was tied and there was a jump ball with five seconds to go. The ball came to me and I took
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