Eighth Grade Reflection

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Middle school has prepared me for high school and beyond in many ways. The teachers don’t take excuses as much as in elementary school or 6th and 7th grade. They will give you a zero if you don’t turn in your homework, which helps you in the future because no one is going to sit around and cater to you and allow you to take everything as a joke. School shouldn’t be any different. They also show you how you might use different things in the future. For example, if you plan on being a doctor, you have to know how to measure different liquids, and calculate how much you should give to each person. Overall, teachers are the one thing that prepares you for your future. The thing I liked most about this year is the freedom given to us eighth graders. We are allowed to sit wherever we want in lunch, and spend more time hanging out in Enrichment. Throughout my whole middle school experience, I have most liked getting to know new people. I have made many new friends with people I had never seen before in my life. I met very smart people who have bright futures ahead of them, musical stars that are bound to be on Broadway some day, and computer whizzes that are obviously going to invent the next cool video games. Middle school is full of surprises, but as long as you have that one best friend by your side through everything, it will be the best experience ever. The thing I’m going to miss most about middle school is the experience of being able to still act like a kid. I entered into 6th grade as a young, immature girl. I used silly excuses for not doing my homework and never took responsibility for my own actions. Now, as I’m leaving 8th grade, I know I’ve grown into a mature, responsible young woman. I will miss all of the fun I had in middle school that I will never get to relive. Middle school will definitely be a huge memory for me. Some advice I would
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