High School Experience

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Entering high school I had an array of emotions happy, scared, nervous, excited, and most of all young. I entered my freshmen year as a 14 year old with upper-class men who men who were 17 years of age and older. I must admit I felt pretty intimidated because I’m such a small person opposed to everyone else. I was assigned to my zoned school, which was Gibbs, but I didn’t want to attend there. I knew it wasn’t the place for me neither were the people. Freshmen year changed my whole life forever. I got into an altercation with a girl I never knew. A few months into school she started antagonizing me, following, making slick remarks, and most of all one day she touched me this put the icing on the cake. When she hit me I blacked out and we got into a serious fight. She was bleeding everywhere and the St.Petersburg, FL Police Department, covered me in mase. Next, we got took to the Juvenile Detention Center and suspended for 10 days, I was crying because I’d never gotten into any trouble or had referrals until this incident. I was afraid of loosing my scholarships and thinking of how this would impact my grades. I was able to maintain a 3.8 GPA through everything but I was put on academic probation for my scholarships. The experience was traumatic one that I would never forget especially the mean people in the Juvenile Detention Center and mase. Upon returning to school she started again and we had an argument, we were suspended for 10 more days and token back to JDC for a campus disruption. Finally, I got kicked out which was the happiest day of my life; I was going to a much better place where I’d always wanted to go Lakewood High School. I wish I could’ve went to Lakewood as a freshmen and maybe I wouldn’t have been in so much trouble, which was definitely a learning experience. Transferring schools I was very excited and happy because all of my elementary and
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