Why I Hate School

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I really hate school. And by hate, I mean that I experience rageful, disgusting, negative emotions when I think about it. The institutions I have attended, from elementary school up through the community college I am currently attending, have failed me in every way possible. It's no secret that I'm smart, no genius mind you, but I'm certainly towards the upper end of the bell curve. I have been incredibly bored by school since day one. We use to read aloud as a class in elementary school and I would get bored and annoyed at the verbal stumbling of my class mates and would read ahead silently. Inevitably, I would get in trouble for not paying attention when it came my time to read. Well of course I wasn't paying attention! I didn't like to listen to these mouth breathers shout at me on the playground and I sure as hell didn't want to hear them struggle over two syllable words in class. I was similarly bored in high school. Our school's "college-prep" courses were a joke. I transferred in my freshman year from a school in California. My college-prep science class used the same book that my sixth grade class used three years priors. Furthermore, many of the teachers were there only because they didn't know what else to do and probably couldn't hold down a real job. I remember the teacher for our "Guidance Class", telling us that he became a teacher because he wasn't smart enough to be an engineer. Apparently he wasn't smart enough to think of any other alternatives either. That was great career advice, thanks a bunch! There was one teacher in high school that really went out of his way to help me learn. He designed a special theater-design class just for me. He helped me write a really great essay for my English class, and he was a good friend to go to when I was having trouble at home. He taught me one more really valuable lesson: teachers are only interested in

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