Aint No Party Like a Hospital Party

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Garrett Pomponio Professor Morris English 101 24 September 2013 There Ain’t No Party Like a Hospital Party In any calendar of mine, the 4th of July has long been the most important day of the year, especially as a 9 year-old-boy. I would sleep as late as my parents would let me because I didn’t want to have to wait too long to see the fireworks. So, when I woke up that day, the only thing I was worried about was going to the riverfront with my mom, seeing the fireworks and riding home in my dads pick up truck. I may have been excited for a funnel cake or the glow sticks or something petty of that nature. However, one thing is absolutely certain, the complete and absolutely devastating change of my life was not anticipated. Before I get too ahead of myself, I should address something. My dad was a military man. He was an airborne engineer with the 82nd airborne and a construction engineer in the 416th Engineer Detachment. That just means that he jumped out of planes and worked with other types of engineers to build things necessary for soldiers. Such as bases or roads over seas. He was also my favorite person on the planet. When he surprised me by coming home 3 months early, I was overjoyed. I had never been so happy. My dad had gotten home just in time for the 4th of July for God’s sake. The most incredible person to ever grace my presence came home after two years away, doing “army stuff.” Not to mention, I got to tell my friends that MY dad and his best friend were the ones that got to set off the fireworks, so you could call me the coolest kid in town if you wanted. I remember going crazy when my mom told me that, thinking he had done something really special to get that honor, comparable to my dad being awarded the key to the city or something. All the other kids were pretty impressed so I couldn’t have been too misled. The first thing I did every

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