Personal Narrative: Mrs. Renee Troupe Clear

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ENG 103-04 Essay September 11, 2012 I wasn’t always motivated to excel in my school work. Years back I didn’t care about school or anything I was hanging with the wrong crowd and playing the part as being a bad child. My mother I always wanted me to change and get focused about life but I was already too far gone. One day I stepped into my class and my whole demeanor changed. I met a woman named Mrs. Renee Troupe Clear. I took her as a joke like any of my other teachers but that quickly began cease. Mrs. Troupe-Clear didn’t take anything less of what she expected of you. She felt as if she didn’t disrespect you then don’t disrespect her; unfortunately I had to learn that the hard way. She already knew about me, a nonchalant student,

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