Team Member Case Study

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Case Study February 22, 2012 The Forgotten Team Member Case Study: How did the team get into this situation? The team got into this situation, first of all, by judging the other group members before getting to know them. Christine, the leader of the group, immediately classified each team member by her initial judgments of them. Janet was struggling with time management between her part time jobs and school and Christine didn’t respect this. Since Janet couldn’t make it to meetings they gave her what was “left over” and didn’t even keep her in mind. Janet was a hard worker and wanted to contribute to the group, but since she had been pre classified by her group she couldn’t fit in the way she wanted to. Life was basically a struggle for Janet and being in a group that did not consider her struggle made her feel more alone than ever. She finally snapped over the cafeteria incident. She stopped to get something to eat and saw her whole group meeting without her, she felt extremely unappreciated and knew the group members didn’t respect her contributions. When Janet missed a meeting to help her boyfriend that shouldn’t have been a valid excuse, Christine said nothing and carried on. The next mishap Janet didn’t answer her phone when Christine tried contacting her. The lack of communication led to misunderstanding between what Janet wanted out of the project and what Christine thought Janet wanted from the project. Christine was a marter and didn’t mind taking over the project and letting Janet be a loafer. Janet eventually felt like she didn’t play a role and had no contributions to the team. Janet felt no self worth within the group and this carried on to situations at work. Janet needed the support of this group more than ever. Christine thought since the rest of the group was doing well she didn’t need to worry about one member. What should they
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