Reflection Essay For Leadership

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Reflection Essay Cierra Tigard 02/28/2012 Leadership For the last three years I had been dreading taking Leadership class. I had heard that the class was extremely difficult and you had to devote a lot of your hours to planning, brainstorming and setting up for your events. I’ve never really been a leader, I’ve always been more than willing to let another student stand up and take initiave. The first day of class in the Lecture/Drama room I felt like the large amount of students was intimidating, I felt small and out of my comfort zone, it seemed like my plan of waiting to take Leadership when I was an upperclassman did not give me the upper hand like I had hoped. The speech Mrs. Holler had given had placed a heavy weight on my shoulders, my schedule was already so difficult, and I didn’t think that I would be able to be successful with a class that required so much devotion. But then I made new friends, sitting with different grade levels, and I started to get more comfortable with the class. But then you switched it up once again. You gave us our group members; you put me in a group with complete strangers, Jacob Biber, Julie Klemz, Katelyn Meeter, Natalie Ambrose, and Kristen Saunders. Ohmigosh, I wanted to run out that door and never come back. But I stayed and it was an awkward start, Jacob seemed so confident, Julie seemed quiet but when she spoke confidently. Katelyn was shy, but really organized and focused. Natalie and Kristen were working with another group so I didn’t even know who they were. Despite our lack of familiarity with each other we worked really well together. We brainstormed ideas for new activities, collected our supplies and painted posters, which created unforgettable memories, inside jokes and new friendships. Our next event was the Cancer Awareness Assembly, which, I do admit, we had some trouble with. All of our members were
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