Ashley Peterson and the mean girls(vocab story)

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Ashley Peterson and The mean girls By: Jarden Wilson The day began with a simple walk to class. Ashley walked into her homeroom class and sat in her usual spot, in the corner beside the window. There was a group of girls known as the mean girls in her homeroom who would always bother her. This morning they came up they came up to Ashley and asked her be their friend. Ashley was so confused that the only thing she could think of to say was yes, when she should have said no! Ashley became their friend but she never got why they wanted to be her friend. The mean girls were totally the antithesis of her; they were really preppy and wore expensive name brand clothing, and Ashley was not preppy and did not have much money. Everyday Ashley wished she could just ascend to a higher stage in her life but she couldn’t. Both of Ashley’s parents were normally austere. Unlike her friends’ parents, her parents never let her do anything. Ashley was an autonomous person while her friends were not. Most of the time Ashley would even think that her so called friends did not even like her. Ashley was banal and benign while the girls had a reputation of ruining people’s reputation. Ashley did not even know why she hung out with them. She only meant to say yes because she wanted to be popular. Ashley would always change how she felt and what mood she was in. She could have been happy one moment and sad the next. No one knew the reason for her capriciousness. Many thought she was just crazy, but her friends were the only people, other than her family who knew what was really going on with her. Ashley had been keeping this secret every since she was in Elementary school and the mean girls were about to tell the whole school what was really going on. Ashley was bipolar and the people who she thought were her friends really were not. They couldn’t wait to tell everyone about

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