Bounce Evyn Linney Character Analysis

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Bounce by Natasha Friend Character Sketch on the protagonist Evyn Linney: In the novel, “Bounce”, Evyn Linney developed in so many ways. I felt her growing more mature and older, while reading this novel. She has light chestnut brown hair, chopped right above her chin. A set of wide, green-grey eyes, framed by dark eyelashes, was placed evenly on her narrow face. Her bruised nose was on a slant to her left eye. Full, cherry red lip was expressionless, and wide. Evyn has a long neck and pale, translucent skin. She had on her best friend’s cowgirl shirt with rhinestone buttons and a frayed collar. With a studded belt, her old corduroys hung just above her ankle. In exchange for her normal Ped socks, Evyn had on high-knee socks with a dizzy design.…show more content…
She also, obeyed her mother’s request, to bounce whenever she was bullied. To bounce means to ignore and pretend it wasn’t even there. Evyn kept to herself a lot. She never told or showed people how miserable she felt about moving. When Evyn first saw Eleni, with her red lipstick, black pants, and high heels, she thought Eleni looked nothing like a college professor and a mother. Evyn made the assumption that she went partying every night. That is an example of her being judgemental. After her father, Birdie, reminded Evyn that her new combination lock was 5, 10, 15; she forgot, making her forgetful. An example of Evyn being unintelligent was when her so-called friends, Andrea’s group, calls her Evelyn and doesn’t talk to her unless it’s to ask about updates with Ajax, she doesn’t realize that they’re just using her. Evyn was also, very inconsiderate and selfish. She didn’t seem to notice how happy her father, Birdie was after he had proposed to Eleni. Evyn doesn’t seem to care what his father felt and made it harder for him. “Bounce” was an interesting book that showed problems that actually happen to 13 year olds. I think Evyn was unique and confused growing up without a mother, but at the end she seemed to

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