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Angels Of Kakoda Essay The book Angels of Kakoda by David Mulligan is about two young boys named Derek and Morso who are both from different cultures but are the very best of friends. They are just like any other twelve year-old boys who love running around and playing games in the jungle and pretending they are in the war. It was all fun and games until the war actually came to PNG. Derek was thrust into adulthood at a very young age by the things he saw, the people that weren’t there for him, the things that he was to do and by things he learnt throughout war. The war had a profound impact on Derek’s life and how changed his childhood and his view of the world forever. In the novel Derek’s life before war was pretty average because his parents were always making up his mind for him and trying to…show more content…
Because they were both blood brothers, they decided that was good enough, and ended up living together with Derek’s mother and sister. At the start it was very hard for Derek and Morso. Derek’s mother did not readily accept morso into her home, nor did she treat him as an equal. She essentially neglect Morso and made it so much harder for him to settle in. She was very rude to him and would not even speak to him. It was not until Derek finally cracked and had told his mother that Morso was the only reason he was still alive and he was the one person that was always there for him and he was like family to Derek, that she realised there was nothing bad about Morso. The thing that made it the hardest was when his mother sent them to school almost as soon as they had returned. They were not ready for school or anything like that, it was even hard for them to try and socialise with new people. Derek and Morso’s lives had been so unstructed, that the common school setting was not appropriate for them. They ended up dropping out of school until they knew that they were

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