Their Eyes Were Watching God

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Janie is a symbol of the modern day women showing that women just want to find a man who love them inside and out. "Their Eyes Were Watching God" by Zora Hurston was turned into a movie because it touched almost every person with the many life lessons that she portrayed. The movie gave off a different message than the book because the lack of detail about Janie's insecurities within herself. A big part of Janie's struggle was finding herself. In the book, her childhood was a good example of this because it explained that Janie never knew her skin color until about nine, when she saw a photograph of herself. When these details are left out it changes the message that Zora is trying to get across. In the movie, Janie's life starts when she is older so, to the viewers, it seems she's confident in her color and then, "Why does she need a man all the time?" Becomes a question. This cant be answered unless you know the events Janie had to overcome during her childhood. The movie does a great job of showing Janie's disgust for Logan Killicks. Although Janie has absolutely no interest in Logan, she ends up marrying him. There was no love in their relationship, the only reason Janie's nanny made her marry was because she was scared, scared that she would die and Janie would be left alone with nothing. Nanny wanted to feel like Janie was stable, so she could rest in peace. In a way, this makes sense because it seems like Nanny is only trying to do what's best for Janie's future, but in reality Nanny is just teaching Janie that in order to be "alright," she has to have a man by her side. Janie soon rebelled and met Joe Starks. The book and movie both do an exceptional job at showing Janie developing her own mind about what/who she wants. This is definitely a step in the right direction, but she's still using Nanny's tactic by jumping from Logan Killicks right to Joe

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