Nora Is An Admirable Character

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In the play A Doll’s House, the main character Nora Helmer is definitely an admirable person. Although she was subservient and flighty in the beginning, she went through a dramatic change during the play. Nora is admirable for having the courage to make a radical change in her life. It shows how she developed into a wiser, more determined woman who learns to respect herself. Because of logical reasons, Nora Helmer was right to abandon her children and she is admirable. It was reasonable for Nora to abandon her children when she left the house. The children were her dolls just like that she was Torvald’s doll. They had to act the way that the controller wanted them to and pretend to be docile all the time. Nora loved her children, it was clearly shown when she played hide and seek with them merrily, and that is why she left them. She did not want to poison them as she said in the play, because she is a liar and hypocrite. She did not want the children to be mistakenly led by her. Moreover she wanted the children to be as free as she was when she left the house, and she knew that the nanny, Anne-Marie, would take care of them. Nora is the most admirable character in the whole play. Back in the day when it takes place, it was unthinkable that a woman could leave her husband to obtain freedom. However, Nora had the courage to take the step forward and abandon the man she no longer loved. She chose to support herself and educate herself to be a better person. The marriage between her and Torvald was not a true marriage; they never understood each other and never talked about serious matters. Nora knew that they have to transform themselves; otherwise they would not live a joyful life. Therefore Nora left to transform herself; she abandoned her husband and children for everyone’s good. The innate desire to be like a man, to have responsibilities, and to earn money
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