Janie Happiness

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The True State of Happiness Janie is a dreamer, her grandmother Nancy says, she lives her life trying to reach the horizon-- Janie’s very dear dreams. The society’s principles of how a woman should act, and its strict limits, prevent Janie from reaching the horizon; that one day seemed to be so close. The first two unfortunate marriages separate Janie from her dreams by limiting her strictly and blending her into the melting pot of society. Everyone in the pot is forced to follow the mass of others, thus living their lives without finding their individuality and discovering their life purpose and path. Janie’s first two husbands, Logan and Jody, never allow Janie to reach the desirable horizon. They lock her up in the present state of miserable reality and restrict her from inner growth. They only do what is conformed by the society, considering it to be true happiness. Janie is not allowed to speak up because, according to the society, it is not appropriate for a woman to engage in conversations that should be left for men to bother about.…show more content…
He does not see her as just a wife, who is supposed to cook, clean, and perform other housework, as considered to be “appropriate” by the society. Tea Cake allows Janie’s inner state to flourish. He never restricts her from doing something that would not be accepted by the public, allowing Janie to engulf her individuality and the strong values. The fact that Tea Cake teaches his wife how to use a gun, a weapon that is the symbol of man’s power and domination, clearly represents that he is not limited by the society’s standards and doesn’t feel superior to his much-loved Janie. Unlike Janie’s previous husbands, Tea Cake respects his beloved and treats her well. He converses with her putting himself on equal terms with Janie. Tea Cake’s respect for her individuality is why Janie is so deeply in love with
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