Haemon's Talk To His Father In 'Antigone'

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Essay Work, Antigone 2. When Haemon firsts walks in to talk to his father he uses the “I am your son and I will never disobey you argument”. He says “No marriage could ever mean more to me than you.” Creon doesn’t really believe him because he thinks that he was coming to talk to him about killing his future wife Antigone. At first Haemon might be honest about his motivation but later in the conversation. He starts off talking about how Creon is always right and whatever discussions he makes will probably is the correct one. But he starts to question witch law is right man or god. He also starts to think that he might not be fit for king “what a splendid king you’d make of a desert island – you and you alone” I think he changes his mind to stand up for Antigone because he knows that his father is doing the wrong thing. He realizes that Creon is not following the rules of…show more content…
Even though Ismene didn’t help out with the crime she still wanted to risk her life for Antigone, but she wouldn’t let her because she didn’t do the work. Antigone wants to die for the right reason, that she did something right for someone else. But since Ismene didn’t do any of the crime she didn’t want her to die because she did something wrong. Antigone wanted Ismene to live and she descried to live she didn’t do anything wrong. I think Ismene changed her mid because Antigone is her sister and you always stand up for family. She didn’t want to commit the crime because she was trying to talk Antigone out of doing the crime. In the end Ismene is the only one who lives and has a kind of guilt free life. She may not have family left besides Creon but at least she tried to save them. I think out all the characters she made the smarter choices and she thought about the consequences. Even though she almost died by sacrificing herself for her sister she still did it for the right reasons she loved her
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