Antigone Acting Essay

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Antigone’s Attitude

Antigone is a very out-going, caring, and stubborn girl. She wants to make the point to Creon that she cared more about her family than life itself by going against the law to bury her brother Polynices, twice. The reason why she buried him the second time didn’t change from the first time, she just added more to it. The main reason was because it was her brother and she wanted to make the point that family is more important to her that listening to the law. Showing that she’s a caring and loyal person when it came to family. The second time, she went to rebury him to make that point public; she wanted to be caught. In this scene, Antigone is talking to her last blood family member, her sister, Ismene about burying their recently deceased brother Polynices. Ismene shows her true colors when declining Antigone’s plan to go against the law. Ismene wants to keep this between her and Antigone only as to not risk Antigone’s life. Ismene is tied between family and state, whereas Antigone is completely for family before state. Antigone becomes furious when Ismene thinks that they should keep it between themselves, Antigone wants her to scream it from the rooftops who had buried Polynices. This shows that Antigone is more confident with her decision and is clearly the braver one of the two sisters. While playing Antigone I tried to give her a little more attitude than Ismene. Unlike Ismene, Antigone is loud and proud, practically begging for someone to over-hear her conversation with Ismene.I tried to show how angry Antigone was with Ismene when she declined Antigone’s plan to bury Polynices, and even more furious when Ismene wanted to keep it a secret. Altogether I was going with and attitude for Antigone that was prideful and confident. I was really trying to emphasize Antigone’s need to bury Polynices, and how upset she was with Ismene
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