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Independent Study Unit Chanda’s Secrets Character Quotations | Analysis | I just want to get this meeting over with before I cry and make a fool of myself. P1Mr. Bateman renovated the place six months ago, but he hasn’t tidied up yet.“One and a half. My, my.” Mr. Bateman clucks his tongue. “It’s always a shock when they’re infants”God, please forgive me for being angry with her last night. I didn’t mean what I prayed. Please let this don’t be my fault.Mr. Bateman tries to comfort. “We wrap the children in a beautiful white shroud. Then we fluff the material over the sides of the box. Al you see is the little face. Sara will look lovely. I just stand in front of that focatain and let them take my photo“Hearing ‘I’m sorry’ is nice. What I hate is: ‘It’s for the…show more content…
* As the readers can see, Chanda believes that her mother’s pain comes from the loss of Jonah. However, her pain actually comes from the harmful disease of AIDS. Also, as the readers continue to read through section two they might begin to realize all Chanda has to do for her family. All in all, Chanda might be trying to hide the fact that her mother has AIDS. * This reveal the power of family tie, and how big the impact is family members can have on others. Although mama was not beside Chanda, Chanda still missed her a lot, and constantly remembered her. * Chanda is demonstrating the simple idea that the truth hurts, and it hurts to admit that her mother is dying. This specific quote implies how AIDS can tear apart a family. Tearing apart a family does not mean arguing or having an affair, but it could also mean question and not finding the answers. This shows how AIDS is a destructive disease that not only harms the victims, but also their families. * She stood up and fought for Esther, this shows that Chanda loved her friends a lot. She has the will and braveness to make the decision of accepting her friend and to take the responsibility afterwards. This is an important point of

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