Planning a Narrative Essay

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Graded Assignment Planning a Narrative Essay The questions below will help you plan your narrative. You may have already answered some of them in your Student Guide, so refer to your Student Guide, if you wish. Total score: ____ of 50 points (Score for Question 1: ___ of 10 points) Write the belief statement you have chosen for your narrative essay. Be sure to write it in a complete sentence. Answer: I believe that everyone should have respect for their parents. (Score for Question 2: ___ of 20 points) Your essay will have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Describe what you plan to include in each of these three parts. State the major incidents that you will narrate, and state how they are related to your belief. Use complete sentences. Be specific in your answers. Answer: Some things I will include are how disrespectful I used to be to my mother and how I’m still to this day trying to repair the damage that has been done between her and I. Learning to see from different perspectives and have unconditional love for my mother is something I’ll speak about in the middle of my narrative. some of the major incidents that I’ll include consist of the depression I suffered from due to isolation, and the terrible and intense arguments I had with my mother. In the end I will talk about how I have been trying to do random acts of kindness for my mother to make up for everything I made us both go through. (Score for Question 3: ___ of 20 points) Fill in sensory details about what happened. You do not need to fill in all five senses if they are not relevant to your topic, but be sure to fill in sight and sound. Answer: I felt very lonely and had low self esteem, I felt like a horrible person whether or not I wanted to admit it to myself. I saw the pain I was putting not only my mother, but my entire family through and it made me feel so very guilty. I heard the
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