P3 – Explain Factors That May Lead to Abusive Situations Essay

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In this essay i will explain the four factors which may lead to abusive. The four factors are adults most at risk, environment, context and people who abuse. I will give for examples and explain them in detail and how they may lead to an abusive situation. The first factor I will look at is adults most at risk this may be a person with a physical or learning disabilities and or mental health problems. Older people and individuals that are suffering from dementia. Individuals in these groups tend to be over compliant and accepting to whatever happens to them. This may be due to medication, having low self-expectations and low self esteem. Their illness, condition or age tends to make them isolated. As a result they become dependent on the abuser or potential abusers for help. They may also feel it’s their fault which the abuser could also make them feel like this. People in these groups tend to be more accepting of what happens to them, this could be because they don’t really understand the situation or because of some strong medication they might be taking. Sometimes people in these groups tend to be isolated with limited social networks and low self esteem. As a result, they may become dependent on their abusers, or potential abusers for help and services. People being abused often see it as their fault and that there’s nothing that they can do about it so they keep quiet and just put up with it. For example, Mary is 35 years old and has mild learning difficulties, she lives alone but she has a carer that comes to visit her 3 times a day. Her carer often comes round and is nasty to her, pushes her and calls her names. Mary hasn’t told anyone because she thinks it is her fault, she is being annoying and this is why her carer is horrible to her. Also people who are dependent on others for personal care. Sometimes people living alone and depending on a carer can make

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