The Wall by Pink Floyd

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Analysis of “The Wall” When humans go through a very hard time we can have problems showing our feelings. Instead we lock them up in our self, and create a place inside us filled with hate, anger and guilt. This is also what happens to the main character in the film “The Wall”, Pink. Pink has felt a lot of pain in his life. He lost his father in war, his wife was him unfaithful, he had controlling teachers in school, and he had to deal with a very overprotective mother. In the film you see that Pink misses his father, because when he plays in the park as a child he tries to take a random man in the hand, and pretend that it is his father. Pink is very close to his mother, and the mother cannot let go of him because she is overprotecting him. In the film you can see the close relationship to his mother when he lies in the pool which is a symbol of the mother’s womb. Pink is drowning and drowning and want to escape but he is not able to do that. Because of Pink’s mother fixation he has problems binding to a woman. In the song “Don’t Leave Me Now” he is singing about his wife and begs her not to leave him. He sings the song right after he find out that she was cheating on him. In the song he asks his wife why she as; “Why Are You Running Away?” and “How Could You Go?”. He accuses her for running away, but maybe he left her a long time ago mentally. In the start of the song he sings that she shall remember all the flowers he sent, but then his mood changes and he says that he wants to beat her to a pulp. This shows us that Pink has a very divided mind. Pink’s time in school was hard for him. The teachers were cruel to the students, and did everything they could to hurt the children. Pink sings about the teachers in the song “Happiest Days Of Our Life” where he sings “When we grew up and went to school there were certain teachers who would hurt the children in
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