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Esperanza Rising Pam Muñoz Ryan I. Main Characters A. Esperanza Ortega- from rich to poor, thoughtful, father has died &lives with mother, young. B. Miguel- poor, works for Esperanza’s family, grew up with Esperanza, teenager. II. Time and Setting A. Time- 1924 B. Setting- El Rancho Del Las Rosas, Aguascalientes, Mexico to a company camp in California III. Summary of Plot A. Esperanza walks with her dad on their land and lay face down to listen to the earth breathe. He tells her to be patient in order for her to hear the sound. B. Six years later, the people on her ranch are getting ready for the harvest season. This happens before her birthday. C. Esperanza waits for her father as he leaves to deliver the grapes. D. Esperanza looks for roses in the…show more content…
The finger starts to bleed and her mother says it is bad luck, Esperanza starts worrying. F. Her father is not home yet and begins to think something bad has happened. G. She goes inside the house to talk with Mama, Abuelita (grandmother), Hortensia (maid) and Miguel (her servant). H. They all hear someone coming from outside and Alfonso, who is friends with Esperanza’s dad looks down with a grieving face. I. Esperanza sees that her father’s lifeless body in the wagon and was killed by the bandits. J. The next day, she wakes up not remembering that her father has died and it’s her birthday. K. Senor Rodriguez knocks on the door to deliver her papayas. He does not know the news. Later on Miguel tries to comfort Esperanza but pulls away from his hand because he is poor. L. When her mother and grandmother come back from the priest, Tio Luis who is her uncle wants to make a deal. M. Her uncle asks Esperanza’s mom to marry him, because she cannot support her family now that she is widowed. Esperanza is shocked and hates him. N. Esperanza’s mom does not agree and the later in the night, Tio Luis burns down her ranch home and now they have to make a choice. Abuelita hurts her ankle and can’t

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