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Chanda Secrets First Log: Chapters 1~14(Part1) Plot: -The unknown disease took away Sara’s Life. -The feeling of Chanda’s family after the death of Sara. -Jonah changed into a whole different person. Response #1: At this pointing the novel – The death of Sara has been introduced, the relationship between Jonah and Mrs.Kabelo, Chanda’s mama gets worse. Sara is Chanda’s half-sister. She’s only one and a half years old; she died from a terrible disease yet unknown. Jonah, Sara’s father has not much of a difference between dead or alive. He goes to the Shebeen all the time. He gets drunk and cheats on his wife Mrs. Kabelo. At first I feel pity for Jonah because his daughter Sara died. And he wasn’t that bad to the family in the beginning. He used to be really nice to Chanda’s mama and always made her laugh which make someone like Chanda like him. But there’s other ways that made me dislike him also; he steals the money that is for his own daughter’s funeral just so he can go to the Shebeen and get drunk, I don’t understand why won’t he just get a job and use his money instead of the families saving. He isn’t much of a gentleman; he is such a useless…show more content…
Iris started to disobey Chanda’s order, makes Soly in believing her that if one day, everyone die she would live with her father and leave Soly alone by himself. This shows how children in this area of the world threaten someone who’s younger because they miss someone who they loved, and how important their mother is to them. One day Iris and Soly was over at Mrs.Tafa’s place. Chanda called them to come home, but they refused to listen to her. Chanda wrestled Iris to the ground and sat on her. Iris pushed her off and said, “This isn’t even my real home, you aren’t my real sister, and I hate you”. A sister who used to love her so much now was the opposite. From this I notice how children of this area can change just because their mother is
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