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Celia Del Pino, she was born in Cuba in the early 1900s. She had a terrible life like other Cuban women’s at her age. When she was young she married a Spaniard name Gustavo, he was a sailor at the time he moves from coast to coast. They were in loved at their young age and had a good time. One day Gustavo went to his country Spain then he never showed up again, Celia was very upset and she lost living her will to live. Though she has no known medical condition, she wastes away due to depression. While she is housebound, Jorge del Pino, courts her and persuades her to marry him. After their honeymoon, he leaves her at home with his mother and sister while he goes on long business trips, punishing her out of his jealousy for her past with Gustavo. His mother and sister are cruel to Celia, even more so after she becomes pregnant. By the time she gives birth to her daughter Lourdes, her mind has snapped. Thus, for the first months…show more content…
She is the daughter of a high priest of santería and helps guide Felicia to the religion. Luz and Milagro Villaverde: Luz and Milagro are the twin daughters of Felicia and Hugo Villaverde, and they are the granddaughters of Celia and Jorge. They resent their mother due to her madness, and they secretly slip away to visit their father. They are closer to each other than they are to anyone else, and Luz generally speaks for the pair. Ivanito Villaverde: Ivanito is the youngest child of Felicia and Hugo Villaverde, and grandson of Celia and Jorge. He is extremely close to his mother, embracing her and accepting her strange ways until she attempts to kill him and later disappears. In her absence, he becomes quite lonely. Javier del Pino: Javier is the third child of Celia and Jorge. He is closer to his mother, sharing her support for the revolution, socialism, and El Líder. His father is quite hard on him, and this eventually causes him to run off to Czechoslovakia in

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