Compare And Contrast Araby And A & P

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Comparisons and Contrasts of “A&P” and “Araby” “Araby” and “A&P” are both short stories, written by James Joyce (“Araby”) and John Updike (“A&P”). Although theses stories are written in different times, as well as in different countries, they have many similarities. These similarities can be found both in their contexts and their settings. Both stories are about young men, leading dull lives, and who go through a major change by the end of the story, while trying to get away from their lives. In both stories this change takes place while the young men are trying to please a female who triggers something inside them causing them to act. “Araby” and “A&P” are stories of unsuccessful attempts to escape from ordinary lives, only in different ways. What catches the readers’ attention in both stories first, are the settings. In both stories the protagonists describe the neighborhoods and the daily life in the cities that they live in, in detail. While they make these descriptions, telling the reader about the neighborhood through their eyes, they also give information about their mindscapes, and we understand what they think of the places they live in. The boy in…show more content…
The girl in Araby is sad because she is not able to go to a festival that she wants to go to, where as ‘Queenie’ is sad because she has been scolded in front of everyone by the manager of the market. The boys finally have found something to fight for and feel themselves as their saviors. The boy in “Araby” feels like it is his duty and responsibility to make the girl happy. ‘‘I imagined that I bore my chalice safely through a throng of foes.’’(881) In the same way, Sammy in “A&P” quits his job, thinking he is now the girl’s hero, who stood up against his boss to save her from the embarrassment. ‘‘So I say ‘I quit’ to Lengel quick enough for them to hear, hoping they’ll stop and watch me, their unsuspected
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