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Analyze questions of Araby Question 1 The boy sees the bazaar at Araby as an opportunity to win her over, as a way to light the candle in her eyes. However, the boy is more awkward then shy, his adolescence is an impediment to his quest and he lost for words to speak. He just lives in the world he own. Finally, the boy realizes that life is not what he had dreamt it to be. The boy is no longer young and naive; he has grown up and become disillusioned with life. Question 2 The description of the sound in the streets when the young man is walking by thinking of the girl he loves. He hears the "curses of laborers," the "shrill litanies of shop boys," and "nasal chartings of street singers." All of these images, besides just making the street seem busy, also make it seem like an unpleasant and intruding scene, almost like you would want to cover your ears and hurry through as fast as possible. This compliments perfectly the boy's imagination that he is "carrying his chalice safely through a throng of foes." when the boy enters the bazaar, he recognizes "a silence like that which pervades a church after a church service." This image makes the bazaar feel gloomy, like the boy doesn't really want to be there. He is undeterred and catches an empty train to reality. He finds Araby much like North Richmond Street, empty and dark with few people. The young lady at the booth ignores him while she flirts with the

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