How Hamlet Treated Women

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Kevin Matte Mrs. Bailey Bean Gr. 11 University English November 16th, 2011 How Hamlet Treats Women In this love story, Hamlet, a main character in the play has dilemmas with his love life. Hamlet is the most controversial characters in this novel, too fully and thoroughly understand his characters feelings and actions the reader must understand his pain. Hamlet is a male character that was not fond of the opposite sex, until his heart was broken. His attitude makes it seem like he finds women untrustworthy and weak. Throughout the play Hamlet’s treatment towards women were unkind, unfair and disrespectful. Hamlet is unkind towards Ophelia and Gertrude throughout the play. Hamlet: Ay, truly; for the power of beauty will sooner transform honesty can translate beauty into his likeness; this was sometime a paradox, but now the time gives it proof. I did love you once. (III.i.111-115) Hamlet promised to marry Ophelia after he took her innocence. He then began to mistreat her and finally … left her. When Hamlet realizes Ophelia’s father caught him in a trap he becomes furious. In fact he becomes so angry that he tells Ophelia that he never loved her and that instead of marrying she should go to a nunnery rather then pass on her genes to children. At this point in the story, Hamlet makes it seem as if he is not interested in women anymore. For the readers perspective at this point in the story they are clue less as to the true feelings of Hamlet. Hamlet also does not have very much respect for his mother anymore. This may be why he has such a difficult time getting along with women. When Hamlet’s father passed away, Gertrude (Hamlet’s Mother) didn’t even dwell on the fact that her husband had just passed away. She went along and hooked up with her dead husband’s brother. Hamlet becomes furious about this happening and loses all respect for
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