With Whom Do You Have More Sympathy with, Arthur Kipps or Jennet Humfrye in the Woman in Black?

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With whom do you have more sympathy with, Arthur Kipps or Jennet Humfrye? In the Woman in Black, I sympathize with both Arthur Kipps and Jennet Humfrye, however not The Woman in Black. We have sympathy with Arthur Kipps, as he has not done anything to deserve the loss of his son, and Jennet Humfrye due to her son being taken away from her. Arthur Kipps has not had anything to do with Jennet Humfrye, yet she is haunting him for no apparent reason. At the end of the book, he is trying to let go of the WiB (Woman in Black), carry on with the rest of his life and move on. He wants another chance at being happy. He loses both his son and his wife, making it even harder for him. Jennet Humfrye is grieving her son, who died in a fatal pony and trap accident in the marshes. She cannot let go, and blames her sister for the death of her son. She wants revenge, but also feels that she needs it and cannot let go. She had her son taken from her by her sister, as she had her child illegitimately and caused shame upon her family. You have sympathy for her here as she does not deserve to have her son taken away from her. It seems unfair, as she loves her child but she knew the consequences of having a child outside marriage, so knew what would happen to her and her son. Arthur Kipps is kept in the dark about the WiB, and is haunted by her. He is in an isolated place, he is a stranger to the village and isolated in the knowledge of the truth. He is unable to talk to anyone about seeing the WiB as if he does, he may seem mad himself. The WiB is a ghost; no-one can see her. This way, she is also isolated. She is a social outcast after disgracing her family, and is also a social outcast when she is a ghost. She is still at Eel House, meaning she is unable to move on, and cannot leave her son who died there. I do not sympathize with the WiB herself, as she does not have

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