Edward Scissor Hands - Personal Suffering

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Edward scissor hands directed by Tim burton is a movie about personal suffering we see how Edward struggles to belong to suburbia. His appearance is unique from his pale skin to his massive razor sharp scissor hands. In this movie there are other characters that also suffer for example Esmeralda, she is an outcast she doesn’t mix with her neighborhood because she a religious zealot. Edwards love interest Kim also goes through hardship, from her bad boyfriend disrespecting her and getting her into trouble. She is in a conflict because she wants to be with her “normal” boyfriend but she actually falls in love with Edward. Edward scissor is a unique character he endures a lot of emotional and physical suffering. Emotionally he knows that he will not be loved or accepted, he is isolated and he falls in love with Kim. Physically he suffers because he has scissors for hands; he can’t eat drink or dress himself. When he is in the car driving to pegs house, he sees the beauty and the relationship of families and how they interact with each other it is obvious that he can’t fit into suburbia, which makes him sad, in the bogs dinner scene we can see the physical pain and distress of him not being able to be independent. Although Edward scissor hands are accepted in the beginning it’s obvious that he can’t fit into suburbia which increased personal suffering. Esmeralda is the outcast of the neighborhood. She’s a religious zealot, because she doesn’t fit into their own stereotypical group. Esmeralda doesn’t fit into suburbia also she is obsessive which makes her neighbour think that she is a freak. In the scene when Edward is talking to peg, Esmeralda interrupts them and stars perching her thoughts about Edward and saying that he is ‘the devil incarnate.’ Esmeralda is a good example of personal suffering because she is excluded and marginalized by her suburban community. Pegs

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