What Is Poverty? Essay

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What is poverty? Poverty is many things most of us don’t experience, unlike Jo Goodwin Parker. Parker knows how it feels to be in poverty. She explains how life is in poverty in her essay “What is Poverty?” She conveyed the topic by telling us the ways she was treated as an individual in poverty, the benefits she doesn’t receive, and her sacrifices for her children. Parker’s expected treatment from society is poor. She suggests her audience to imagine being in her position by asking a question and giving relatable scenarios. Whether we do or we do not know “how it feels,” she tells us so. She uses the word “help” repeatedly to show how desperately she needs help. She only thinks about her children and their future which brought her in the path of seeking for help. However, going from person to another person makes her feel ashamed. She illustrated pathos when she was “spilling the whole shame” of her poverty from one person to another as she was seeking for help. As readers read this, they feel as ashamed as Parker is. The revelation of her poverty to the people she meets, who doesn’t exactly give her the things she needs, makes her feel mortified. There are countless needs for an individual in poverty, which they do not receive. When Parker sought for help she got it but it was barely enough for the necessities she and her children need. She uses logos to explain the cause and effect of the seventy-eight dollars she gets every month. She pays twenty dollars rent and the “rest goes for food.” This is the reason why she and her children can’t get the other necessities they need, including the children’s education. Parker agrees that there are schools for her children but then she proves the readers there are downsides. The children have “infections,” “pink-eye”, no sleep, and suffers from hunger. If Parker cannot afford school necessities, getting medical help
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