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English 1301 110 Memoir What they don’t know June 9, 1996. Mom was full of joy with a smile from ear to ear when suddenly the doctor comes into the room where my mom was laying in at the time she gave birth to me. Then with no warning what so ever she was given one of the worst news she has had in her life. The doctor stated these words to her with his half spoken Spanish “su hijo a el parser esta ciego.” Meaning that by the looks of it, I was blind. My mom bursted in tears she didn’t want to see her child struggle throughout life. She had my brother who was born visually impaired, but not given the news that he was blind. This hurt her so much in her heart it was as if she had her stomach about to go out through her mouth of the sorrow she had. She just kept a smile and prayed to God it was just an assumption. Several years later. My mom took me to several eye specialists and remember taking all these tests in different machines, light beams being…show more content…
I was in my second grade classroom we were set in groups of five. Everyone was talking, full of laughter about to leave to P.E, while I was with my head down not wanting to go but I knew I had to go by force for the reason that my teacher had her planning and had a meeting with a parent. What kind of kid would not want to go to his P.E class you ask? Well I will tell you a simple answer. I was that kid that was always chosen last, the one that was made fun of since he would run to the opposite side, not because I didn’t know how to play, but because my vision sucked. At the end of the day any “normal” kid would go home do his homework and play outside or video games. Me in the other hand, went home did my homework by force and went straight to my room without telling my mom what was going on and cried for hours. It was a feeling that made me lie in my bed and leave the pillows soaked in tears. Why I never told my mom, I still don’t know. This did not stop it kept getting worse as I grew
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