My Grandmother's Battle Narrative Paper

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Ever since the day I was born, my grandmother has been like a second mother to me. Giving a hand in raising me, she treated me like I was her own. I’ve pretty much lived with her my whole life and she has been there for me my whole life. She is one of the most important people in my life, I look up to her and look to her for guidance when I need it the most because I know she cares and she would give me the best advice. She is the most caring and giving woman you could ever meet. This is all why facing the fact that I could possibly loose her so soon was a very scary time in my life. It was a couple years ago, I was about ten or eleven, maybe younger, young enough for my mother to keep my brother and I in the dark about the whole matter until it was almost over. My grandmother was going to the doctors a lot, I thought nothing of it because it was normal with her asthma and other medical conditions. What wasn’t normal was that she was sad, very sad. I had never seen my grandmother cry, that I could remember, and even worse I had no idea why she was crying. Now I can’t believe she didn’t cry more. Then she went to the hospital for a long time for various surgeries, and plans on what to do next. My brother and I stayed at my Grandpa’s house most of the time she was up there mostly only going home to sleep and get ready for school the next day, it was weird and confusing but my grandpa was good at getting our minds off of things and keeping our spirits up when he needed to. While my grandmother was in the hospital, my brother and I didn’t get to go see her, we were either too young to go in or my parents didn’t think we should see her that way, I can’t remember. When she finally came home, they said the disease was gone but she was still very sick. She looked completely different and she was very weak. They had started her on chemotherapy, and from what I understand

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