Influential Person Essay

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Indicate A Person Who Has Had A Significant Influence On You And Describe That Influence I never really had a specific circle of friends. Matter of fact I had no friends , as I was one of those kids who had a very difficult time making friends. I was a shy child and I could never bring myself to confide in anyone about the problems I used to face in school. But the minute school ended I was happy to be back into the confines of my home that I knew all too well and the only response to all my cues was unconditional love. One day , it was an even harder day at school than usual , and so I came home upset and did not eat which was a big concern to my mother as I could never say no to food. So I was in my room watching television and my mother came in asking me what was wrong and I casually answered her , “nothing” , but she being my mother understood and said in the most affectionate manner , “I am always here for you.” Those words touched me and since that day I was an open book to my mother and she the same to me. Yes , even though it sounds cliché , but , my mother has been and has had a great influence on me and to me. And , has been my hero. She met my father and after a few years she bore him one daughter , me. But , faith had something completely different in store for them. Fast forward to 8 years ahead , my mother was working in a bank trying to make ends meet. We were now living in my grandfathers house , back to square 1. And I now was going to middle school where things hadn’t quite changed , as bullies kept getting the best of me but during those times , my mother said something to me that I will always remember , “If you don’t know them personally , don’t take it personal.” , these words made me disregard all those harsh words. During these times , I used to come across people who never really gave us anything but always expected us to share with
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