Cja 314 Biological Criminal Behavior Research Paper

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Biological Criminal Behavior Ruben Pena Criminology CJA/314 April 19, 2013 This world is full of people who have made some negative decisions in their lifetime. Although committing a violent crime is most likely not justifiable, not all crimes committed are under an individual’s normal state of mind. The courts face many tough decisions of determining whether a person is guilty or has a psychopathic issue that subjects him or her to not know the severity of what the person has done. A psychopathic individual can perform in another behavior other than what they normally are known for. It may be also determined that the person’s actions could be genetic. It would not fair nor easy to weave through the criminal justice system…show more content…
She had endured pain and sexual abuse at the hands of her stepfather. The details to her past were brought up in her defense, which also required for her to be seen by a psychiatrist. Susan was first seen by her defense psychiatrist, which had diagnosed her with Dependent Personality Disorder. Dependent personality disorder (DPD) is one of the most frequently diagnosed personality disorders. It occurs equally in men and women, usually in early to middle adulthood (WebMD, 2012). A person who desires the acceptance of others and is also attached to another is what would be described as an individual with Dependent Personality Disorder. This individual diagnosed with this disorder would find it hard to make their own decisions, have issues accepting criticism, and have little to none self-dependency of their own. These symptoms help explain why Susan Smith may have had the ability to live a normal life because she was pleasing others, which lead to her taking the life of her children to please another man. Susan Smith thought she was being raised by two loving parents, but it turned out to be with a mother that was blind to the fact that her daughter was being abused by a man that played the part of daddy. Susan was forced to become the woman that everyone expected her to become but her avoidance of receiving help for her issues may have caused her to break. There is no known cure for Dependent Personality Disorder, but it is recommended that a person that is diagnosed seeks the assistance of a psychiatrist immediately. Had Susan Smith pursued help from the outside prior to her making the decision of murder, she would have been able to receive the proper guidance that she should have received as a young
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