Film Review for Rosemary's Baby

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The Truth about Rosemary’s Baby Rosemary’s Baby, 1968, Starring Mia Farrow, Johns Cassavte, Directed by Roman Pollanski based off the Novel by Ira Lavin. The film shocks the audience by allowing you to be on the edge of your seat to find out how she was going to escape and protect her baby. Movie takes place in New York City concerning a young couple that moves into an apartment building with elderly residents. Rosemary Woodhouse (Mia Farrow), and her husband (John Cassavets), move into an apartment building in New York City which already houses some tenets. Their neighbors Roman (Sidney Blackmon) and Minnie Castevets (Ruth Gordon) come over to welcome them into the apartment building, but Rosemary and Guy starts to find themselves in an very uncomfortable situations with the nosey couple, and strange things begin to happen. Guy in return for fame and fortune, he offers up his wife in so she can become he mother of the Anti-Christ. The movie takes on a Religious symbolism. Rosemary questions in her religious beliefs: “I was raised a Catholic, but now I don’t know what I believe.” She refuses to accept that her husband could betray her, and the idea that her next door neighbors are witches is absurd and who would believe her? Rosemary has faith that she can deliver the child. Without proof, Rosemary holds to the belief that her child is alive and she can free him. By choosing to be a real mother to her child, she ultimately chooses faith in the Devil. As the all evidence continues to tell Rosemary that something is wrong, Rosemary’s desire to have a child and take care of it alters her decision to take action against the cult. So she ultimately makes the choice to ride out the horrible pain her pregnancy was giving her, not really believing the depth of the conspiracy, until the choice is actually made for her. By the time she tries to fight the cult, she is
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