The Color Purple Critcal Analysis

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In “The Color Purple” by Alice Walker, there are many themes or objectives which can be discussed, such as, vulgar language, religious beliefs, lesbianism and much more. The themes which will be discussed in this analysis are incest, violence, and women in non-traditional roles. These themes are very important to the make up of this great novel and that is the reason for those themes being discussed in this critical analysis. The first theme or objective to be discussed is incest. Incest seemed to be a very common part of life for Celie when she lived with her father. The same could have been true for Celie’s sister, Nettie but Celie protected her sister from the incestuous embraces of her Pa. Celie was able to overcome this incestuous relationship with her father when Mr.______ decides to take her hand in marriage. (TCP novel) Nettie also had a problem with Pa and later moved in with Celie and Albert but it soon became apparent that Albert still had an eye for Nettie which forced Nettie to leave. (TCP novel) As one can see, incest was a part of life for Celie but she was able to escape it with a marriage to another person who abused her. The second theme which will be discussed is violence. Violence was a very big part of this novel because it happened in every sort of way. For example, there were many cases of domestic violence, racial violence, verbal violence and of course, physical violence. Since there are many cases violence in this novel, only a few will be pointed out in this essay. One example is the domestic violence between Harpo and Sofia. Harpo wanted more control in their relationship so he listened to the advice of Celie and beat Sofia but the end result did not come out as he expected. This issue between the couple was resolved when Sofia decided to move away with her children to her sister’s house. (TCP novel) Verbal violence was common for
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