Chanda's secrets

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Summative Essay on Chanda’s Secrets AIDS is a life threatening disease that has sparked fear in everyone’s life in South Africa. Chanda’s Secrets is a young adult fiction novel written by Allan Stratton which revolves around social issues caused by the deadly virus, AIDS. They say “whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger”. Esther is one of the characters from this novel that faces obstacles which leads her to overcome her weaknesses. She has qualities within her that makes her a strong figure. She’s a rebellious and courageous character that decides to bring back her family. In addition Esther’s also very friendly and supportive. She’s always there for her friend Chanda. As well as very independent, she makes her own decisions no matter if they are right or wrong and self governs. In Chanda’s Secrets, Esther has faced obstacles that caused her to become a strong and admirable figure. First of all, Esther is a person who is extremely courageous and also rebellious. She has the courage to work in the streets between all the sex and drug addicts. The customers beat her and bruise her but she tolerates everything just for the money. She’s prostituting just to bring her family back, to support them. She claims she can’t do anything else that would make her enough money except for selling her body. She says to Chanda “You make it sound like I’m a whore. I’m not. This is only for now. Once I get my brothers and sisters back, things’ll be different.” This shows that she doesn’t consider her self as a prostitute and after all she’s just doing it to bring her brothers and sisters back. In short, she went through all this hard time just for her family; it shows she’s really attached with her sisters and brothers. She’s the kind of person that would do anything to protect their family. Secondly, Esther’s personality is very friendly and as well as very

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