Just a Quick Journal Entry "Everyday Use"

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I enjoyed Alice Walker’s Everyday Use from the first time I read it. I am big on heritage and culture. To know where you come from is to know who you are. I feel it determines how you live and appreciate your life. I have sympathy for both sisters for very different reasons. Most of this sympathy is towards Dee. My reason is simple; I feel she has a superficial view on heritage. She is arrogant and I find her to be condescending and a little disrespectful. From the beginning when we were first introduced to Dee, we find that she has changed her name to Wangero saying that Dee is “dead” because she didn’t think her name, Dicie, had any cultural significance and so she choice a name she felt suited her more. She says she couldn’t bear being named after people who oppress her. She has no connection or respect with her family. This is sad because she doesn’t like who she once was. Although she has learned a lot from her schooling and has a better knowledge than her mom & sister, I feel she possesses this know-it-all attitude about what heritage really is. Although Wangero does make a good point in saying that heritage is beautiful and should be shown as art for people to appreciate, I just feel she went about the situation all wrong. Maggie is at first a docile character, until she sees her sister disrespecting her mother and then she stands up because her mother doesn’t. I am not saying I have no sympathy for Maggie. Based on the theme of the story I feel that Maggie has a greater, more genuine appreciation for her heritage. I love how she doesn’t dismiss her family’s roots. I do feel a little sympathy for her because she hasn’t been to school and, unlike her sister; she hasn’t had the experience or opportunity to expand her knowledge. I feel sorry for Maggie because she doesn’t receive respect from her sister. Her sister feels that she doesn’t deserve to inherit the
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