Comparing How I Lost The Junior Miss Pageant 'And Agony'

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Daneshia Alberty Svatek English IV Dual Credit-2 15 February 2012 Overcoming Adversities with Parents In today’s society parents are often seen as embarrassment towards their children. Teenagers especially often ridicule their parents for their loud outburst and mortified shouting in public areas. The two selected essays “How I Lost the Junior Miss Pageant” and “The Thrill of Victory… The Agony of Parents” express similar observations of different types of parenting skills. Both articles have strong and weak points in their presentation of demonstrating the challenges teenagers face when dealing with parents. The title of any piece of work holds extreme importance towards the creation of essay writing. It makes the reader become instantly…show more content…
Without the opposition being available the argument will lack meaning. Bosley presents her opposition effectively and strong. Throughout the article Cindy began to gain confidence towards winning the pageant. “I secretly believed that I stood a better chance … though she had the right name and the right body…” (Bosley 2). In contrast to Cindy’s new found self esteem, her mother seemed to uphold a strong lack of confidence in her daughter and in herself as well. By the same token, in the second article “The Thrill of Victory … The Agony of Parents”, the author presents the opposition through her mother. Jennifer Schwind’s mother appeared as an embarrassment to her publicly and emotionally. “In a voice so screeching that it rivaled fingernails on a blackboard, she told him that he was a disgraceful coach and that he should be ashamed of himself” (Pawlak 3). While in her mother’s eyes, she only supported her daughter and craved the absolute best for her child. Schwind-Pawlak presents this argument poorly due to her change of heart towards the end of the essay. She does not stick to her beginning argument which causes the opposition to lack stability. The two authors support their arguments by providing evidence. The supporting evidence of the two essay’s help reveal the hardships teenagers face while dealing with their parents. The authors describe their embarrassing conflicts with extreme detail which helps other teens relate to the adversities they may also encounter with

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