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“Two Kinds” by Amy Tan was published in 1989 and is about a young girl’s quest to become famous driven mainly by her obsessive mother. The short story teaches life lessons along with sharing an interesting story. It uses literary techniques such as symbolism and irony to convey the theme and to help the reader understand the plot. “Two Kinds” uses symbolism to help bring the reader into the story. The biggest form of symbolism is the piano and how it represents Jing-mei’s relationship with her mother. When the piano is forced into becoming a part of her everyday life she begins to hate it and resent just like she begins to resent her mother when she is controlling Jing-mei’s life. Then once her mother dies she goes back to the piano because she misses her mother’s presence. Also after her mother dies Jing-mei plays the two songs she used to practice with Mr. Chong back when her mother made her take piano lessons. By playing these songs it symbolizes how she hated piano so much when her mother made her play and then once her mother died Jing-mei realized she actually liked it. The theme of this short story is that you should go after something that you are passionate and care about. You should never base your life of somebody else’s dreams and ideas for you even if it is your mother. You will be the one who has to live with the decisions you make not anybody else. Jing-mei tries to stay obedient to her mother for as long as she can but when it finally came down to it, she just did not want the same things in life as her mother did. It may have hurt her mother’s feeling but it is ultimately what had to be done in order to make herself happy. even though it may have been done for the wrong reason’s this story still teaches a very good life lesson and that is to not ever give up to get where you want to be in life. You should never stop following your dreams

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