Major Changes In English Simulation

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Table of Contents 1 Significance of 2 Major 3 4 5 Review of 6 Summary The novel begins with Dr. DiLeo assigning both girls Jazz and Antonia as peer counseling partners. While the girls start out as complete strangers they will soon become the best of friends. Antonia is a young girl who deals with family issues and overwhelming responsibility in her one depressed parent family. On the other hand Jazz deals with trying to make her parents accept who she truly is and she also constantly rebels. While Jazz's Gothic look may be deceiving but she is completely different once you get to know her. Someone of her appearance would never be assumed to play the piano and save lives as a lifeguard. While the two girls have their own unique points they also have one thing in common and that is family issues. Antonia deals with everything a parent should take charge of doing.…show more content…
After the incident of her mother taken away from her she drastically became a whole another person. At her new foster home Antonia wasn't as nice as she once was. Antonia was rather rude to her foster parents Tillie and Luis. She was open minded and caring before but once she was brought into the new foster family it was as if she had lost these character traits. She still showed love to her mother and brothers but she still boxed out the foster parents who have treating her as a princess. Inference shows that Antonia probably needs time to get use to her new
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