Karen Van Der Zee's A Secret Sorrow

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A Secret Sorrow and A Sorrowful Woman Comparison The first short story that we were instructed to read is called A Secret Sorrow. It was written by Karen van der Zee, a successful romance writer. The story, in which we were to make comparisons with A Secret Sorrow, is called A Sorrowful Woman. This short story was created by Gail Godwin, who graduated from the University of North Carolina and the University of Iowa with a Ph.D. in English. In the excerpt from A Secret Sorrow, the main characters are Kai and Faye. Faye is recovering from psychological damage she was forced upon in a car crash. We learn from the biography of Karen van der Zee that Faye has received permanent internal injuries in result of the accident. These injuries cause her to be incapable of having children. When she works up the courage to tell her boyfriend, Kai, she is afraid that he will leave her because of this news. To her surprise, he does the exact opposite. It actually seems that this tragedy makes Kai appreciate Faye even more as a person and that he falls in love with her even more. Then after reading A Sorrowful Woman, we are informed of a family whose wife of a hardworking man and mother of a little boy is seemingly helpless and very ill. She is so bad off, depressed, and sick that she did not…show more content…
One observation that I made about Faye, from A Secret Sorrow, is that she is always thinking of her family members before herself. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she is more concerned about how her condition will make Kai react. Then once the two of them adopt their three children, she takes advantage of the time she has with her them that she thought she would never have. On the other hand, the woman from A Sorrowful Woman hides herself from her family even though she knows the time she has with them will be cut short. She did not take advantage of precious time that she
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