The Orang-Utangs And The Angry Woman

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Essay: The Orang-utans and the Angry Woman “The Orang-utans and the Angry Woman” is a short story about three women and their way of raising their children. Sheena, who is the main character, raises her two boys without punishment, but by their own intuitions of right and wrong. The second mother in the story is being introducing as the angry woman, it is because she is very aggressive in her way of raising her daughter. Finally, we have the orang-utan mother who is raising her baby by let him learn by his own mistakes. Sheena, who is an ordinary middle-aged woman, raises her children on a casual way. She let them do what they think is the right thing to do. For an example in the following excerpt: “... and walked without looking back at her sons. Experience had shown her that this was the way to get them follow her.” By walking away, the boys need to make a decision - go with mom or not? They choose the first opportunity because they know, from earlier experiences, that making a scene or start arguing does not pay in cases like this one. Sheena also knows from earlier experiences that she sometimes need to use a kind of converted psychology to make her young boys do what she want them to do. The angry woman and her daughter is a family who is one of a kind - like it is an unusual way to upraise kids. The mother uses rant and rave over her child and furtive slaps. She do this because she is panicking; Imagine you do not have much money, but this month you had a bit left as you could use to take your daughter to the zoological garden. You putted on her posh and dainty dress, so it would send better signals. Suddenly - after a rough day - you notice that she had peed in her sneakers. This is a situation where people with those backgrounds are able to react in a way like this. The little girl will unfortunately keep peeing in her pants, because she is too scared

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