Leading Causes Of Divorce

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50% of Marriages in the United States end in divorce. Most people believe that sexual misconducting is the leading cause of divorce, you've got it all wrong. Believe it or not communication problems came out on top as the number one reason marriages fail. Who is the number one person effected by marriage divorce, the children. They range from many age but all are equally as effected. Physical, behavioral, and psychological change happens to anyone involved in a divorce. People are getting married a lot faster and younger than they did a hundred years ago. That contributes to some of the problem simply, many couples get married too fast and too soon. Subsequently this occurs when couples fail to notice the underlying differences between them.…show more content…
Most kids do not want their parents to divorce. A bad marriage can become worse when kids are involved, especially during a divorce. Kids are always the people in the middle watching and listening even from a distance. The children in a bad divorce case are asked to choose a side if not one would be chosen for them. Some kids feel betrayed by their separated parents. Miscommunication between parents and kids enters the relationship. They feel they have to take care of themselves, to put matter in their own hands. These effects damages kids, and most often Children whose parents have divorced are more and more the targets of abuse. These abuse often lead to low self-esteem and in some extreme cases…show more content…
Kids are highly influential especially at a young age. A child who sees a father abusing his mother might grow up and find it acceptable to beat on his own wife and kids, alas the cycle continues. Society also play a very big part in this, we now see and accept divorce and broken families as a new normal. Since many fathers generally are not the major caretakers of their kids after a divorce, bad feeling are formed with the kids. These negative feelings are due to dads not regularly seeing and interacting with their kids. Comparably, couples without kids experienced barely any change in their sense of family well-being. Consequently this creates a since of detachment between all the parties involved. For moms who usually are the primary care taker of kids after the split it usually is an economic stress trying to raise kids on her own. Alas at she would jump at the very opportunity at a new relationship whether it’s healthy or not, and quickly sign herself up for another relationship that will end on bad terms, just for the help. Subsequently starting a bad

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