Struggles Faced By Single Mothers

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American families would view single parenting as a threat to a family structure. Doing everything by themselves with no one else to blame but themselves is one of the most difficult things a single mother can struggle with. As time progresses a single mother discovers she is capable of doing so much not just for their well being but for her children. They quickly learn how to adapt and over come. While many single mothers worry too much or regret decisions during their children childhood they are satisfied with the result and the out come of there children by the actions their children make after they grown out of their childhood In “I stand here ironing” a mother depicts her first child to have a bad early childhood by making the wrong decision not by choice but simply what got handed to them in a urban world. “She was a miracle to me but when she was eight months old I had to leave her daytimes with the woman downstairs to whom she was no miracle at all, for I worked or looked for work and for Emily’s father who “could no longer endure sharing want with us.”” Narrator did not want leave her child with the downstairs neighbor, but to provide the little she could to her child she made scarifies due to been a one parent family. She did all she could even with the father figure leaving to irrelevant discussion on his part. When she sees the development of her child thru the years she gets warmth never felt. “Now suddenly she was Somebody, and as imprisoned in her difference as she had in anonymity.” In the narrators point of view her child was an outcast, a nobody, but when she got the call from her daughter it seem the sun finally started to shine in her daughter path, she was free. Narrator heard was the happiness in her daughters voice and started to accept who she had become. In Everyday Use, a mother regrets bringing her children in a world of poverty and
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