Lack Of Knowledge In Alice Walker's Everyday Use

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Knowledge is not always power because the more you know does not necessarily mean you understand what you have learned. In the short story “Everyday Use”, education seemed to make a rift in the relationship not only between the mother and the daughter, but also between the sisters. Dee was one to always try and outsmart her family members always seeking answers knowing no one knew. It was mama who eventually got the community together to help send Dee to school so her daughter would be happy and satisfied. The values of heritage seem to have been lost with the gain of knowledge when Dee has gone to college. Her actions she displays when she comes home for a visit are shocking to her family. It is almost as if Dee is using them for a show, rather than a visit that has been well overdue. It’s one thing to know what heritage is but another to understand what your heritage is. Mama was always one who could not say “no” to her daughter and she always tried to please her regardless if her daughter appreciated it or not. Dee was envied by many in her community.…show more content…
Though Dee has moved away and changed everything about herself, she seems to lack the attention from others where she is from. Dee is quick to come home during the civil rights movement and tries to gather photos and items that “embrace her heritage” to show to others. While at the house Dee takes pictures and tries to gather items that she can take back for display. One of these items is a set of quilts her grandmother had hand sewn. These quilts consisted of her family’s heritage through pieces of civil war uniform and some her grandmothers dresses. Little did Dee know that these quilts were promised to her little sister Maggie after she got married. Dee is appalled that her mother would allow such a thing! “Maggie can’t appreciate these quilts… She’d probably be backward enough to put them to everyday use” (Walker
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